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Current Project: Africa Trip 2014

Meet Charlie, Urban-Eco Video Contest Winner!
Charlie is the winner of our video conservation contest! Charlie is an active member of the Lane Tech Urban-Eco Club. His prize is a partial scholarship to help cover the cost of his volunteer and research trip to Kenya this summer. Please view his amazing video. More conservation videos can be found on our events page.

Where does Urban-Eco fundraising go to? 

To change how students experience learning and break out of the four-walls of traditional education. All fundraising efforts of Urban-Eco, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is sending urban students to Kenya during the summer of 2014. Once in Africa the students will volunteer at a local school and undergo a journey to learn about the Maasai culture and ecology of Kenya. Their journey will consist of studying conservation efforts that promote economic sustainability for the Maasai culture and communities surrounding the Maasai Mara. This experience will develop the students and teachers as scientists and global citizens.

Africa Trip 2015 - Student Activities
*Research Paper on: Masai Culture or Ecology of Kenya
*Animal Tracking
*Volunteering at Ole Keene Primary School, Kenya
*Visiting Ole Keene Maasai Village
*Post-Trip News Letter communicating student proposal for conservation efforts that promote economic sustainability for the Maasai culture and communities surrounding the Maasai Mara
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Meet Our Students!

Our 2014 Urban-Eco Student Fellows! These 7 students went to Kenya! All of the students worked diligently to raise money for their airfare over to Africa. They were eager for the opportunity to work with the children at Ole Keene Primary School in Kenya and to meet the baby elephant, Kamok, they have recently adopted from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! Visit our events page for more information on Kamok.


Meet our student club Leaders!
Co-Vice President-Erin
Co-Community Service Chair-Jasmine
Co-Fundraising Chair-Ariana
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